About Future Vision Foundation

What is the Future Vision Foundation?

Future Vision Foundation is a not-for profit organization. Its mission is to inspire innovative vision research and celebrate breakthrough vision advances through powerful documentaries of discovery, impact, and hope.

Who created the Foundation?

The Foundation was co-created by Jennifer Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer at Park Place Technologies and Dr. Suber Huang, a world-renowned Ophthalmologist who has pioneered surgical procedures that have restored vision to patients who lost vision. They joined forces to spread the word on how medical innovations can change lives and improve the quality of life for those with medical issues. They are telling the story of medical innovation through the power of film. Suber and Jennifer began their collaboration in February 2017 following the death of Jennifer’s father, Dr. Frederic Deutsch, who was a globally recognized Ophthalmologist known for medical and surgical innovations.

What was the inspiration of this Foundation?

Dr. Huang produced an award winning short film, Seven Years of Darkness. Filmed and developed in Cleveland, this is the story of Dr. Anthony Easley’s emotional and courageous journey, from sight to blindness to sight again. Receiving innovative microincisional retina surgery techniques. The film is available on the Foundation’s website for viewing. (www.FutureVisionFound.org)

Are there similar Foundations in the community?

We are the first to partner the medical community and the film industry. 

We have the unique opportunity in Cleveland, Ohio to marry the strongest medical community in the country with the fastest growing film community, spear headed by the Future Vision Foundation and the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.

Who directs and produces the films?

The Foundation films will be licensed to awardees for unlimited use to increase awareness of clinical disease, to showcase innovative discovery, and to raise funds to support further research. The Foundation will retain ownership and copyright of films for use in Foundation activities, in national/international film fests, and to further raise awareness of breakthrough research.